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An Amazing Steak Dinner in Ocean City

Don’t want to slave away in the kitchen tonight and need a night off to relax instead? Bring your loved ones to Coins Pub and Restaurant! We have a wide range of food items on our menu, such as homemade soups, seafood, and steak, so there’s something for everyone. Take a look at our menus below and you’ll see why you definitely have to stop by tonight!


Seafood Sampler for Two:
Crab balls, stuffed mushroom caps, clams casino, BBQ shrimp $16.99

Crab Balls
An appetizer portion of our world famous crab cakes $15.99

Potato Skins
Seafood – shrimp, scallops & crabmeat $14.99
All American – cheese & bacon $7.99
Mexican – Chili and Cheese $8.99

Buffalo Wings
Mild, hot, garlic, Old Bay or BBQ $9.99

Smothered Fries
A mound of steak fries with melted cheddar cheese, bacon and green onions served with ranch dipping sauce $8.99

Homemade Mozzarella Logs (4)
The Original – cut and breaded fresh daily $7.99

BBQ Shrimp
Delicious shrimp wrapped in bacon and topped with BBQ sauce $13.99

Stuffed Mushroom Caps
Stuffed with crab imperial $13.99

Clams Casino
Topneck clams topped with our homemade garlic butter, bacon & cheese $12.99

Steamed Shrimp
Full 1/2 pound, steamed Baltimore style in beer & onions with Old Bay $11.99

Smothered with a white wine butter garlic sauce, served with garlic bread $13.99

Steamed Clams
One dozen little necks $10.99

Crab Dip
Served with toasted bread for dipping $11.99

Chicken Fingers $7.99

Beer-Battered Onion Rings $6.99

Homemade Soups:

Cream of Crab Soup
Made fresh daily with Maryland crab meat $7.99

Cream of Crab Cake Soup
Our cream of crab soup topped with our homemade crab balls $10.99

Soup du Jour
Made fresh daily and sure to please Market Price

French Onion
Topped with melted provolone cheese and homemade croutons $5.99

Chili Con Carne
Hearty & delicious with a side of chopped onions & nacho chips $6.99


Dressing Choices: Blue Cheese, Ranch, Honey Mustard, Thousand Island, Italian, French, Raspberry Vinaigrette

Add grilled chicken breast (Choose from Mesquite or Plain) $6.99
Add grilled steak $8.99
Add tuna steak $9.99
Add shrimp (5) $7.99

Field of Greens
Spring mix greens, raspberry walnut dressing, topped with crushed walnuts and blue cheese $5.99

Garden Salad $5.99

Greek Salad
Fresh romaine, imported Feta Cheese, pepperoncini, tomatoes, onion, cucumber & black olives topped with a homemade Greek dressing $11.99

Chef Salad
Fresh, crisp garden vegetables with ham, cheese & turkey $11.99

Caesar Salad
Fresh bed of Romaine topped with cheese, croutons & creamy Caesar dressing
Sm. $5.99 Lg. $9.99


Served with Choice of Two: Baked Potato, French Fries, Pasta (add $2.50), Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Homemade Coleslaw, Beer-Battered Onion Rings (add $2.50), Pickled Beets, Applesauce, Garden Salad, Field of Greens, Vegetable du Jour, plus Baked Bread

Add to any entrée: Crab Cake $15.99, Lobster Tail $16.99, (5) Sautéed Shrimp $7.99

Coins “Famous” Maryland Style Crab Cakes
No mumbo – just jumbo!
(1) $18.99 (2) $29.99

Steak and Cake
An 8 oz. sirloin paired with our famous jumbo lump crab cake $27.99

From the Sea:

Stuffed Filet of Flounder
Broiled flounder topped with jumbo lump crab imperial $24.99

Filet of Flounder
Broiled to perfection or deep fried to a golden brown $20.99

Fried Shrimp
Freshly breaded shrimp served with homemade cocktail sauce $22.99

Stuffed Shrimp
Luscious shrimp over-stuffed with all jumbo lump crab imperial $24.99

Broiled Scallops
The seas’ finest broiled to perfection with lemon, white wine and garlic – Market Price

Crab Imperial
Mounds of jumbo lump crabmeat boiled in a delicate cream sauce $23.99

Seafood Imperial
Jumbo lump crab, sea scallops & tasty shrimp broiled in a delicate cream sauce $25.99

Soft Shell Crabs (in season only)
Three jumbo soft shell crabs sautéed to perfection – Market Price

Broiled Seafood Platter
Flounder, scallops, shrimp & jumbo lump crab cake $25.99

Twin Lobster Tails
Two 4 oz. cold water tails broiled $31.99
Topped with crab imperial $38.99

From the Land:

Charbroiled to Your Taste
Rare – cold red center, Medium-rare – warm red center
Medium – warm pink center, Medium-well – hot lightly pink center
Well done – grey center, not responsible for well-done beef orders
Blackened or Pittsburgh-Style (rare or medium-rare only) Steaks $2.00 extra

New York Strip Steak 12 oz. $19.99 18 oz. $25.99

Filet Mignon 9 oz. $26.99

Prime Rib 8 oz. $16.99 16 oz. $23.99

Tournedos du Jour
Sautéed twin filets with chef’s special homemade sauce $28.99

Chicken Imperial
Grilled chicken breast topped with our delicious crab imperial $24.99

Served in a Marsala wine sauce & mushrooms
Chicken $20.99 Veal $23.99

Hand breaded and topped with a homemade tomato sauce and imported cheese
Chicken $20.99 Veal $23.99

Veal Cutlet
Breaded cutlet topped with mushrooms & brown gravy $20.99

Chopped Sirloin
A “common cents” meal – topped with onions & gravy $14.99

Fried Chicken
A down-home meal – breast, thigh, leg & wing $14.99

Sandwiches & Burgers

Served with chips & pickle or have served as a platter with fries and homemade coleslaw for an additional $3.00 (No substitutions)

Coins “Famous” Maryland Style Crab Cake
All jumbo lump, broiled $16.99

Grilled Chicken
Plain, Mesquite or BBQ $12.99

Open faced Reuben
Corned beef, sauerkraut, dressing & Swiss cheese $13.99

Sesame Teriyaki Tuna
Served with wasabi mayo on a Kaiser roll $14.99

Cheeseburger $9.99
With American cheese

Bacon Cheeseburger
With Cheddar Cheese $11.99

Swiss Burger
With mushrooms $11.99

“Vini” Burger
With green peppers, onion, mushrooms & provolone cheese $12.99


Served with choice of 1 side and fresh baked bread

Spaghetti & Meatballs
“That’s Italian!” $13.99

Fettuccini Alfredo
Mounds of fettuccini served in a creamy Alfredo sauce $15.99

Served with your choice of white or red clam sauce. An “Old Country” favorite $17.99

Seafood Alfredo
Mounds of fettuccini served in a creamy Alfredo sauce and topped with shrimp, scallops & jumbo lump crab $24.99


Coffee (1 free refill) $2.00

Iced Tea (1 free refill) $2.50
Unsweetened or Raspberry

Soft Drinks (1 free refill) $2.50
Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Ginger Ale, Pink Lemonade, Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew, Root Beer

Hot Tea (No refills) $2.00
Regular or Decaf

Milk or Juice (No refills) $2.75
Cranberry, Pineapple, Orange, Grapefruit, Tomato


Not valid with any other offer – Only one dinner per person (No Carry Out)
All dishes are served with choice of two sides.
Baked Potato, French Fries, Pasta (add $2.50), Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Homemade Coleslaw, Beer-Battered Onion Rings (add $2.50), Pickled Beets, Applesauce, Garden Salad, Field of Greens, Vegetable du Jour

Broiled or Fried $12.99

Seafood Marinara
Chopped clams, shrimp, and scallops
Served with 1 side $14.99

Spaghetti and Meatball
*Served with 1 side $10.99

Fettuccine Alfredo
*Served with 1 side $11.99

Chicken Teriyaki
*Served with 1 side $11.99

Chopped Sirloin
*Served with 1 side $11.99

8 oz. Sirloin Steak
*Served with 1 side $14.99

8 oz. Prime Rib
*Served with 1 side $14.99

Single Crab Cake
*Served with 1 side $14.99

Chicken Parmigiana
*Served with 1 side $12.99

Happy Hour:

Daily – Year Round from 3-6PM

Wine Chardonnay or Cabernet $3.50

Domestic Drafts $2.00

Domestic Bottles $2.75

Rail Drinks $3.50

Half Pound Steamed Shrimp $8.00

One Dozen Steamed Clams $6.00

Mussels $8.00

Wings $6.00

Quarter Pound Hot Dog $2.00


Watermelon Martini
Watermelon Vodka, splash of sour, splash of cranberry. Served up $8.00

Orange Crush
Orange Vodka, triple sec, orange juice, splash of lemon lime soda $6.00

Creamsicle Crush
Pinnacle Whipped Cream Vodka, triple sec, orange juice, splash of lemon lime soda $6.25

Big Ginger
Jameson Irish Whiskey and Ginger Ale $6.25

Cherry Coke
Cherry Vodka, cola and a splash of grenadine, topped with a cherry $5.50

Berry Cooler
Berry Vodka and pink lemonade $5.50

Specialty Drink of the Day

Lunch & Lite Fare

(Served anytime)


Make any Sandwich a platter-served with fries and homemade soleslaw for $3 more, no substitutes

Crab Cake – $16.99

Rueben – $13.99

Chicken Salad – $9.99
Chunks of all white chicken breast

Grilled Chicken – $12.99
Plain, Mesquite or BBQ

Shrimp Salad – $13.99
Large whole shrimp made fresh daily

Italian Sausage – $10.99
With green peppers & onions

Sesame Teriyaki Tuna – $14.99
Served with wasabi mayo on a Kaiser roll

Crispy Chicken Club – $11.99
Bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayo with choice of bread

Coins Club – $12.99
(not available between 4-9 pm)
Ham, turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato & cheese

French Dip – $14.99
(not available between 4-9 pm)
Prime Rib servec on a French roll with provolone cheese

Gourmet Burgers:

Fresh, hand-pattied ½ pound burgers Served with chips and a pickle

Hamburger $8.99

Cheeseburger $9.99

Swiss Burger

With mushrooms $11.99

Bacon Cheeseburger
With Cheddar Cheese $11.99

“Vini” Burger
With green peppers, onion, mushrooms & provolone cheese $12.99

Cole Slaw – $1.99
Fries – $2.99 with Gravy – $3.50
Applesauce – $1.99
Beer Battered Onion Rings (6) – $3.50

Kids Menu

All meals are $8.99 and served with a drink and your choice of French Fries, Applesauce, Veg., Mashed Potatoes.

Grilled Cheese
Cheese Pizza
Macaroni & Cheese
Chicken Fingers
Fried Shrimp (3)
Spaghetti & Meatball

Let us do the cooking tonight!
(410) 289-3100