Serving Quality Food In Ocean City

Here at Coins Pub and Restaurant, we've been serving the local community of Ocean City and the surrounding areas for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on having maintained a pristine reputation over the last three decades and plan to keep going strong for many more decades to come. We love seeing people come in, order something they've been craving, and smile when it's everything they wanted, and more. We value each and every one of our customers and aim to make everyone come back for more.

Coins Pub Staff

Our Beginnings

The Coins Pub and Restaurant story began back in 1988 when the Coyne family opened the restaurant's doors on 28th Street. Since then, it's become a well-known establishment in the area because of our delectable entrees, diverse menu, and impeccable customer service. Many locals in Ocean City frequent our restaurant and we treat them like family.

Our previous owner Charlotte Kuti joined the Coynes in 1991 and quickly made Coin's Pub and Restaurant her second home. She had worked in every area of the business, which made her extremely knowledgeable about the business, and was beloved by customers and staff members alike. Her hard work and vision made this restaurant grow to another level.

The current owners Jack Schachter and Marc Custodio will continue the story of Coins Pub & Restaurant by respecting the old and embracing the new. Updating the restaurant during the off season and revamping the menu to bring a NEW lunch menu and several new dishes while still serving the Original "No Mumbo Just Jumbo " Crabcake. They have committed to bringing NEW Craft quality cocktails to the bar such as the "Smoking Bulleit Old Fashion" served in a glass smoking box... first of its kind in Ocean City, MD. Looking forward to more great things to come!

Homemade Food

We know that some customers may be wary of frequenting restaurants due to the high number of calories and preservatives in the dishes; eating this type of meal can be detrimental to your health. Here at Coins Pub and Restaurant, we strive to bring fresh, homemade food to your table so you can indulge in your favorite dishes without having to compromise your health.

When you read our menu, you'll notice that many of our items are made from scratch with our own secret recipes. This is what sets us apart from other establishments—we source the freshest ingredients possible and make things from scratch every single day. We never half-heartedly make our menu items—you can count on our passionate chefs to always bring our diverse menu items to life.

Salmon and Potatoes

Dedication to Quality

We continue to bring our customers the same quality food and service that has made Coins Pub and Restaurant a favorite of so many for over 30 years. We've worked so hard at building and maintaining our reputation, and we won't let anything spoil that. You can count on our restaurant to continually serve you the quality of food you want and deserve. The next time you need a night off from kitchen duty, don't head for greasy fast food; instead, pick up your loved ones and come to Coins Pub and Restaurant for a good, filling meal and tons of fun! Our friendly staff members always look forward to serving you with the best our restaurant has to offer.